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Having difficulty self-publishing? Not getting approval emails from publishers? Leave your publishing worries with Scribe Articles. Our team, in close collaboration with major publishing houses, can effectively set out a publishing strategy for vetted and first-time writers. Start Live Chat Get a Quote Toll Free +1 442 309 2138
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A Personalized Publishing Plan For Your Book

Scribe Articles has had the privilege of working with vetted writers and has successfully published a number of best-sellers under major publishing houses. From publishing to printing and distribution and marketing, the team prides itself in its efforts of transforming author names into personal brands. Whether you want to self-publish, or you fancy traditional publishing, we are only one step away.

Eliminating The Hassles Of Book Publication

Benefit from a Comprehensive Plan for Publication and Promotion with Scribe Articles

Our Publication Approach

Draft Submission
Our team evaluates the draft once it is submitted, and requests the client for all necessary details, including publishing and printing requirements.
Final Editing
Our editing team then reviews the draft for final edits, if any, including analysis and proofreading.
Typesetting And Illustrations
After the editing work is completed, we set the right font, include images and graphical illustrations.Once the draft passes the editing phase, the team then sets the font, layout, table of contents, spacing, and images or illustrations, if any.
Book Designing
The project then follows through the design process; the front and back covers for the book are then designed, including the blurb and author bio.
Publication And Distribution
Once the edits and designs are approved, the manuscript is then submitted in its desired formats for publication across platforms.

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