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Using The Right Words

Striving for Brevity; ensuring consistency of content quality!

Our in-house creative junkies view your writing with a fresher mind and eyes, and with a new perspective to accurately review and rectify redundancy and errors. Start Live Chat Get a Quote Toll Free +1 442 309 2138
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Lean Writing Increases A Writer’s Credibility

The editorial team at the Scribe Articles follows the three best hallmarks for its proofreading process: lean writing and logical flows. Many accomplished authors have trusted us with their book writing journeys, for we continue to successfully rectify loopholes with a fresher perspective on the content.

Make Your Drafts Succinct

With A New Set Of Eyes, Accuracy In Grammar And Consistency In Quality Can Be Assured.

Our Approach

Proofreading And Copyediting Is An Intense Process At The Scribe Articles!

  • Professional Proofreaders

    Our brainy editors are succinct in their editing and proofreading approach for multiple genres; they have successfully marked their skills as professional proofreaders.

  • Lean Writers

    Our team focuses on lean writing for it is their strong foothold; they avoid wordy sentences, grammar expletives, vague content, and carefully rephrase to produce better reading flows.

  • Consistent Quality

    We pride ourselves in the quality we produce as vetted writers and editing strategists; all our processes are pre-defined and we look to optimally follow them for maximum satisfaction.

Our Proofreading Process

Submission Of Draft
We first request for draft submission, which is then forwarded to the editorial team for an initial editing review.
Review And Suggestions
Our proofreading team thoroughly reviews the draft to devise a content improvisation strategy and does preliminary editing.
Rectification of Errors
The team then fixes all secondary errors, including grammar, punctuation, and eliminates wordiness for more accuracy and impactful reading.
Software Scans
To remedy any human-errors, the file is then run on a few software scanners such as Grammarly, for an error-free draft.
Draft Finalization
Once the proofreading cycle finishes, the document is then readied for final delivery and approval by the client.

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